15 Golden Rules for proper nutrition

15 Golden Rules for proper nutrition

A balanced diet and healthy eating habits and regular affect much on our appearance and our health. This is not just about food: an old saying that says ‘you are what you eat’, and rightly so: our body is the result of what we bring to it and what we consume daily.

It is therefore important to know the basics of healthy eating and equlibrata follow few tips and food to stay in shape without the need for waivers here are some tips to eat everything, do not overdo it, and keep the perfect line.

The needs of the body must be satisfied by introducing all the nutrients in different proportions. To survive we need carbohydrates, proteins and lipids as well (ie fat) but everything must be well equlibrato to stay in shape.

The food pyramid is a great way to figure out what to eat: at the base are carbohydrates (cereals, pasta, bread, rice and potatoes), then there are fruits and vegetables accompanied by milk and yogurt, and eggs and sausages, cheese, meat , legumes, fish, and finally, on the top, dressing fats, sweets and sugar (which is recommended a fairly limited use).

To be precise, a proper diet should be made up daily: approximately 55-65% carbohydrates, including simple (sugar) to a maximum of 10% and complex (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes) the remaining 45%, 30% of lipids, 15% protein.

On average, therefore, should eat rice, pasta and bread every day, as demonstrated clearly the basis of the food pyramid. These are the foods that give us energy during the day and that make us feel good. Then there is the fruit and vegetables, even the very important nutritionists agree in saying that it is essential to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Then there are the foods rich in fat and higher in protein, such as meat, dairy products, fish and legumes. Finally, at the top of the food pyramid, are the oil and butter and all the sauces, the more fine pastries, consumed in moderation and not too often.

In addition to these skills, there are some things you can lose up to five pounds a year without changing lifestyle just like that, day after day is not enough just to lose the extra pounds and feel good about your body. Here are 15 food tips that everyone should know to always stay in shape without sacrifice!

15 Food Rules for Staying Well

1. Eating Mode Adjust

This is an essential principle, but too often not followed. Eat regularly, setting a precise time for meals is a great way to stimulate your metabolism and give your body what it needs. So, no snacks between meals to at times unruly, yes programmed to snacks in the morning and the afternoon.

2. Eating Slowly Chewing Well

Yes: chew food properly, helps digestion, and eating slowly is the best way to filling the stomach and do not go overboard with the portions. According to some scientific studies, in fact, the brain takes 20 minutes to feel the feeling of satiety, and eating fast often you are likely to gorge themselves when in fact it is already full. That’s why eating slowly is key!

3. Always make breakfast

One of the less considered meals, breakfast is instead the most important meal of the day: it serves to energize the body during daily activities and especially reduces the feeling of hunger that comes for lunch if you are on an empty stomach. In addition stimulates the metabolism and is the best time of day to introduce carbohydrates and sweets: in short, when you feel like cake and brooches, reserves all for breakfast.

4. Do not Forget Fruits and Vegetables

This is really important to stay healthy and to have a beautiful skin. Fruits and vegetables are rich in water and fiber and are good for the whole body, so you should assume almneo 5 servings per day. What to do? Just eat a piece of fruit for breakfast, one mid morning and one in the afternoon more vegetables for lunch and dinner. Easy, is not it?

5. Eating Foods Rich in Fiber

Fiber is essential for the proper functioning of the body. In addition to the vegetables and fruits, they are found in quantities in foods, always preferable to refined foods.

6. Very Drink

Water is a great source of well-being: lose weight, keeps vital and energetic, it helps to have a smooth skin and is also an ally in the fight against cellulite. Better than that, what more could you want? It takes just 8 glasses a day to stay in shape, but can be added to the daily dose even a few cups of tea, always useful for the body.

7. Moderate Bad Fats

Bad fats? That’s right, the fats that are found in ultra stuffed sandwiches, fried foods, foods seasoned with butter and lard too: these are the bad fats, which must be moderate and preferably replaced with healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil.

8. Moderate the sugar Villains

Also we are talking about bad sugars, or sugars that are pure: the marshmallows, cakes super sugary, cotton candy … The bad sugars are easily recognizable and are really limited, or preferably eaten at breakfast. And if we really have to choose, it is much better than a slice of homemade cake than a lollipop: in addition to being tasty, less sugar and less harmful.

9. Balancing the Assumption of Sale

Salt is the number one enemy of the calculations and water retention, which is why a low-sodium diet is perfect to keep in shape and to avoid intoxication of the body. You start by choosing a sodium salt and mineral water low in sodium, and then decreased more doses at each meal, using spices to flavor foods.

10. Do not Use Too many Seasonings

Similarly, also the fatty dressings are enemies of the line. Often, decrease the seasonings to start losing weight very effortlessly.

11. Making Many Small Meals

In this way it boosts your metabolism and keeps you awake, it is much better to do 5 meals a day (then adding two snacks during the day) rather than cram for lunch and dinner.

12. Pay Attention to Portions

A smaller portion can eliminate a lot of calories, and it is a great renunciation: balanced diet, it allows you to eat whatever you want but paying attention to the amount. It is simple and do not have to be subjected to torture too.

13. Vary as much as possible on Food

A balanced diet is based on the variety of food. Changing food often you’ll get the best nutritional properties of each of them without overloading the body of substances too similar to each other.

14. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol makes me bacon is high in calories that make you fat and is harmful to the body. These are enough reasons to limit or avoid it altogether, right? Riservalo important to toast and during meals, and always drink a glass of water after a glass of alcohol: Your body will be better.

15. Avoid diets Lightning

Yes cleansing diets of two or three days to detoxify the body, no flash of diets to lose 5 pounds a week before the sea or before Christmas. It is pure self-harm because the pounds are taken immediately thanks to the typical yo yo effect.

But above all, if you decide to embark on a strict diet, talk as a first step to a dietician, not to cause imbalances in the body. Moreover, in this way you will be more incentive to go on a diet because you will have a precise program and easy to follow.