What Are the Cancer Causing Food That You Need To Stay Away From

What Are the Cancer Causing Food That You Need To Stay Away From

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Today, advanced technology has improved the standard of living of many people across the world. In this fast moving life, people want a quick solution that will save time for them. Such a lifestyle has also impacted their eating habits. People are more attracted towards fast and refrigerated food. Natural food has become a distinct thing and has been replaced by canned and ready to cook foods.

This has impacted the immunity system, thus causing several acute health related issues. Frequent in-take of such food paves way to several dreadful disease like cancer, heart problems, and others. In last 2 decades there has been a tremendous increase in pollution and contaminated food.

Some food elements which act as a main ingredient to cause cancer are:

Processed food: Any kind of preserved food is harmful for health. Fast food like hotdog, hams, nuggets, salami, bacons, and others rank high in developing cancer cells in your body. Canned food products contain sodium nitrate, which generates natural color and longevity of the food. It also produces nitrosamine as a byproduct, which is a carcinogen.

Hotdogs are mostly made from remaining parts of anima. It is quite unhygienic and not easily digestible. Moreover cattle are injected by hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and fecal matter. Processed food increases the possibility of pancreatic cancer.

Acryl amide: It is a chemical component used to produce plastic items, grouts, and cosmetic products. Food cooked at high temperature forms acrylamide, which can give rise to cancer. Smoked and barbecued food is carcinogens.

Microwave popcorns: Popcorn is known to be a healthy eatable. However the micro pouch of popcorn has a chemical perfluoroctanoic acid (PFOA) mixed in it, which causes liver, testicular, and pancreatic cancer. When the popcorn bag is kept in microwave, the heat melts the chemical which enters into the popcorn. Thus it is better to make popcorn in pans and pots.

Hydrogenated oils: Such oil is prepared by heating them in the presence of hydrogen and metal catalysts. It generates trans-fat which leads to heart diseases and imbalances your metabolic process. This indirectly causes cancer. French fries, doughnuts are all harmful for health and have ample chance to cause cancer.

Sugar: Sugar is a natural product, which attracts cancer symptoms. Sugary snacks like candy and chocolates contain refined sugar and sucrose, which is unhealthy. Cancer cells get easily multiplied when the sugar level is high and oxygen percentage is low.

Fermented food: It is good for various related health reasons. During the process of fermentation it produces a byproduct, known as ethyl carbonate (urethane). It forms DNA modifications and mutations which lead to abnormal cell growth or lung cancer. The food which falls in this category is wine, cheese, yogurt, and white bread.

Non-organic food: It means the food which is produced by spraying pesticides and chemical weed killers to promote plant growth. In-taking of such fruits and vegetables will always expose you to the risk of cancer.

The reason behind adding chemicals in food products:

It is mainly added to elongate their shelf life and to enhance the taste. Such chemicals make them look fresh and natural. Farmers use chemical components to increase the production and to kill the pests and worms.

Some useful tips to prevent cancer hindering your life:

Try to eat food, which does not include refined sugar, enriched bleached flour, sucrose and sugary soda pop. Natural plant based food is more nutritious and develops your immune system.

Un-processed foods containing vitamin A, C, D, and E will surely help you to stay away from cancer. Consumption of Omega- 3 fats, onions, garlic, ginger, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, tomatoes, capsicum, carrot, pip and stone fruit in your regular diet will not let the virus of cancer enter your body.

John writes on health related topics, especially concerning the food that invite health disorders. He also writes on other topics related to Pediatric AIDSand its advantages in cancer treatments.