Why Electronic Cigarettes are Receiving Celebrity Endorsement!

Why Electronic Cigarettes are Receiving Celebrity Endorsement!

Ever wonder why electronic cigarettes are receiving endorsements from big name celebs including Charlie Sheen, Katherine Heigl and Trace Cyrus? Simple enough surely! The electronic cigarette lets you smoke without any of the bad effects.

No horrendous pollutants in the smoke! No burned lungs! No cancer! Nothing except the nicotine hit, which is already in your life if you''re a smoker so there’s no detriment there that wasn''t there already.

The basic point of the electric cigarette is this: You can use them to stop killing yourself if you are already a smoker. Claims that electric cigarettes or ecigarettes are encouraging children to smoke are as ludicrous as claims that cigarettes encourage kids to smoke. You either will or you won''t, same as alcoholism and addiction to heroin. There are probably more people addicted to nicotine than any other substance in the world – except possibly caffeine, the world''s most widely consumed psychoactive drug.

So, the electronic cigarette takes the nicotine addict and puts him or her in a place where he or she can kick the habit in a socially acceptable way. That''s really important and probably a big reason for the celebrity endorsements that the smokeless cigarettes are getting. When you can kick your habits in public you stand a much greater chance of kicking them for good.

It''s a psychological thing: Addictions are shameful (except caffeine addiction and mild alcoholism apparently) and should be hidden. So when you bring nicotine addiction out into the open by endorsing electronic cigarettes, you give people a chance to stand up and say "Hey, I''m addicted to nicotine but I''m doing something about it".

The health benefits of ecigarettes are clear when you draw parallels between consumption of E smoke (it is actually a nicotine vapor with glycol particles in it) and inhalation of actual tobacco smoke.

Even second hand inhalation of tobacco smoke can do serious damage to your health. Indeed, tobacco smoke is so poisonous that it can kill some young animals. Kurt Vonnegut, a heavy smoker himself, once pointed out that smoking was the only "socially acceptable form of suicide".

These days smoking is not a socially acceptable form of suicide. It''s about as non socially acceptable as you can get and still be legal. Which is why the advent of the electronic cigarette is a boon to every nicotine addict in the world. Because smoking once was socially acceptable it is visible and easy to treat. Smokeless cigarettes ensure that the addict can stop committing suicide in a socially acceptable fashion, by drawing down that e-smoke and weaning himself or herself off of the cancer sticks.

Once you start using smokeless cigarettes, you can control your nicotine dosage. Make it gradually smaller and you can become completely nicotine free at your leisure. There''s no longer the same time pressure as when you try to wean yourself off cigarettes by decreasing your intake. The electronic cigarette is so healthy, compared to the tobacco alternative, that you can wean yourself off after years with no ill effects. Indeed, while you are smoking ecigarettes instead of tobacco, you will be healing from all the harmful smoke effects anyway.

Electronic cigarettes are receiving celebrity endorsements because they are a good thing. It takes one of the world''s largest visible addict populations and makes them feel that they can give up their addiction in public, in a socially acceptable way. Ecigarettes are a boon that should be celebrated and promoted.

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