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Xyngular Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Xyngular, we get lots of calls and questions that we’ve decided to compile into an FAQ document. This way, you and your downline can save time by checking the FAQ before calling or emailing in. We’ll continue to add to this, so anytime you have a question, this can be your go-to resource!

Below is the document, which can also be found at (link)

What is an Autoship?

When you sign up as a Xyngular Distributor, you agree to a monthly autoship. A monthly autoship ensures you’ll get Xyngular products sent to you each month. You can modify your autoship to change the products you receive in your Back Office.

What are the Benefits of an Autoship?

First, an autoship helps Distributors gain a testimonial of the products. A monthly autoship ensures you get products each month to try as well as sample and share. Also, to maximize Xyngular’s Compensation Plan, an autoship of at least 120PV per month is necessary. Last, an autoship helps you continue to receive products without having to worry about placing orders each month.

How Do I Cancel My Autoship?

To cancel your Xyngular autoship, we must receive something in writing. You can email a cancellation request to Alternately, you can send a letter to Xyngular Corporation PO Box 783 American Fork, UT 84003. Or, fax your request to 801-228-1768

What are Point Values (PV)?

Xyngular is an International company and Point Values (PV) are an ‘international currency’ which Xyngular has created to allow comparison between the amounts purchased by Premier Customers in different countries. Each product has a PV attached to it, and to maximize Xyngular’s Compensation Plan, Distributors should have a monthly autoship of at least 120PV.

What is a Straight-Line Compensation Plan?

In other Network Marketing companies, Distributors can often be penalized by growth or lack of growth within their organization. Certain legs grow stronger while others do not, and if Distributors in their organization do not reach certain titles or ranks, the upline can be penalized with smaller commissions and bonuses, etc.

With Xyngular, you are getting a straight-line Compensation Plan. This means that anyone who signs up after you, whether they’re in Arkansas, Australia, or anywhere between, will be placed underneath you. This way, you benefit from Xyngular’s global growth. Also, this eliminates the hang-ups of having to struggle with strong and weak legs, downlines not reaching ranks or titles, etc.

How Do I Contact Xyngular?

Xyngular’s Corporate offices are open Monday through Friday from 9-6 MST. You can reach Customer Care at 801-756-8808 or by email at

How Can I Find a Distributor in My Area?

If you are interested in learning more about Xyngular, sampling a product, or becoming a Distributor, you will need to find a Distributor. The best way to do this is to visit our Facebook page at and ask. Alternately, you may call Customer Care at 801-756-8808 and seek to find a Distributor in your area.

Where is Xyngular Currently Open?

Currently, Xyngular is open for business in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Israel, and the European Union (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom).

When Will Xyngular Be Available in My Country?

Xyngular will continue to expand and grow as demand grows. When we enter a new market, you can hear about it on our website, Facebook page, and also company communications such as the ConneXion Newsletter and Momentum Magazine. You must be a Distributor to get access to the ConneXion Newsletter and Momentum Magazine.

How Can I/My Team Get Featured in the ConneXion Newsletter and Momentum Magazine?

We are always looking for great stories to feature in our newsletter and magazine. If you or your team members have a great story, whether product, opportunity, or both, please send it (along with high resolution photos) to

When Will My Order Be Shipped?

All orders, including express orders, placed by 10 a.m. MST will be processed and shipped the same business day (excluding holidays).

Can I Sell Xyngular Products on eBay/Amazon/Similar Sites?

Please note, according to our Distributor Agreement, online sales of Xyngular products on sites such as Amazon, eBay, and others, is prohibited and may result in termination of Distributorship.

Section 19: Retail Store Sales Policy
A. A Distributor may not sell products or services or promote the opportunity through retail stores, including online retail outlets such as eBay, except as described in Section C below. A Distributor is also prohibited from selling to any Person who will ultimately sell products or services either through online retail outlets or through retail stores.

B. A Distributor may not sell any products or services of the Company nor promote the Company’s opportunity at conventions, trade shows, swap meets, bazaars, or any other gatherings where the opportunity or products are displayed at booths without prior written corporate approval.

C. A Distributor who owns or is employed by a service-related establishment may provide the Company’s products to customers through this establishment as long as the Distributor is providing proper prescreening and ongoing support to his/her customers as called for by the Contract. In any event, no product banners, or other Sales Aid materials may be displayed visibly to the general public in a manner as to attract the general public into the establishment to purchase products or services.
1) A service-related establishment is one whose revenue is earned primarily by providing personal service rather than by selling products and whose use by customers is established or controlled by membership or appointment.
2) Distributors may only sell products through a service-related establishment that provides services related to the Company’s products.

D. The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to make a final determination as to whether an establishment is service-related or is a proper place for the sale of the products or services.

How Much Money Can I Make With Xyngular?

Xyngular has Distributors from all areas of the spectrum, from seasoned Network Marketing veterans to first-time college students. You can view a few financial success stories here. Please note your earnings will depend upon your skills, effort, and market conditions. Xyngular does not guarantee any level of income or success.

What is Compression?

To maximize what Xyngular pays to our distributors, our compensation plan utilizes compression. In addition to daily compression for commission purposes, every month Xyngular runs a compression program that removes the inactive Distributors from the organization. This keeps the volume as close as possible for people who are working together in their Xyngular business.

In Xyngular’s Compensation Plan, if a Distributor doesn’t place an order for 2 consecutive months, they would move to the bottom of the Xyngular team line and lose the Xyngular team volume which was previously under them. This motivates individuals to place monthly orders.

Distributors who do not order for three consecutive months are removed from their position in the personal group linkage. They still remain under the enroller who brought them in, but their enrollees become personal enrollees of their upline.

If there is anyone in your organization who has not placed an order for a month or more but who is still interested in maintaining their Xyngular position, let them know they need to place an order between now and the end of the month to maintain their position with Xyngular.

What Xyngular Assets and Sales Tools Do Distributors Have Access To?

On Xyngular’s Resources page, you can find sales tools such as brochures, manuals, and videos. Also, in your Back Office you will find high resolution Xyngular logos. Please note that exceptions cannot be made to receive more assets than those available, and source files of any type will not be distributed.

What Are the Corporate Bonus Pools?

Xyngular contributes 12% of total company volume to bonus pools. As Distributors reach certain ranks, they qualify for a portion of the sales pool they are qualified for. As rank increases, Distributors are eligible for more sales pools.

When Are Commissions Paid?

Xyngular pays daily, and Distributors can choose to receive a paper check mailed or an electronic transfer made each day.

Regarding commission payments: We do not process commissions on Saturday, Sunday and holidays; however, commissions earned during those days will be included on the next regularly scheduled commission run processed on a normal business day. This is a typical week pay schedule but holidays will cause this to vary slightly.

Orders placed on Monday are commissioned and paid on Thursday

Orders placed on Tuesday are commissioned and paid on Friday

Orders placed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are commissioned and paid on Monday

Orders placed on Saturday are commissioned and paid on Tuesday

Orders placed on Sunday are commissioned and paid on Wednesday

Are Xyngular Products Gluten Free?

Xyngular does not claim its products to be gluten free because they are not manufactured in a certified gluten free facility. Ingredient lists are available online and should be consulted before use of Xyngular products.

I Have A Disease/Medical Condition/Ailment. Can I Use Xyngular Products?

Xyngular products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before taking Xyngular products, it is recommended to consult your primary care physician. Xyngular does not give medical advice, so you will be referred back to your physician for medical concerns or questions.

I Have A Passport Program Question

Xyngular’s Passport Program is revolutionary, sending Distributors around the world at very reachable thresholds. The Passport trips are earned in addition to commissions and bonuses. All awards with a value of $600 USD or above will be subject to taxation.

To learn more about the Sundance Resort trip, how to earn it, and what to do when you have earned it, clickhere.

To learn more about the 50K Getaway Caribbean Cruise, how to earn it, and what to do when you have earned it, click here.

To learn more about the Dubai Executive Retreat, how to earn it, and what to do when you have earned it, click here.

To learn more about the Sundance Mentor trip, how to earn it, and what to do when you have earned it, clickhere.

Why Does Xyngular Need My Social Security Number/Tax ID Number?

The IRS requires the issuance of a 1099-MISC form to all independent Distributors who received nonemployee compensation of $600 or more. The amount to be reported includes fees, commissions, prizes and awards for services performed as a nonemployee. Prizes and awards such as Passport Program trips will be included in box 7 of your 1099-MISC.

Can I Make Medical Claims Regarding Xyngular’s Products?

Xyngular’s products are classified as Dietary Supplements. The formulas are food-based and meant to enhance your health by supplementing your body with nutrients and specialty ingredients that are either lacking in most daily diets or the body is getting inadequate amounts from daily diets. With this said, we comply with cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices) which are regulated by the FDA. By law, dietary supplement claims cannot diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease, as they are food based. When telling others about the benefits of our products, following are some areas to be cautious of:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Celiac Disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Immune Disorders
  • Any other Disease or Health Condition

If you are speaking with individuals being seen for treatment of any disease or health condition, it is always recommended that they first discuss the use of the products and/or change of lifestyle with their physician before starting. We also always recommend using the products as directed on the packaging.

What is Xyngular’s Return Policy?

Refund Policy
Xyngular has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the first 30 days of the Distributor’s or customer’s initial purchase and will refund 100% percent of the purchase price for that period, less the membership and handling fees. After 30 days from the date of the order, the Company will refund 90%, less applicable Commissions, on unopened, unaltered, resalable, and restockable products and Sales Aids produced and sold by the Company that are returned within twelve months of the order date by the Distributor who purchased the products or Sales Aids from the Company. In order for the Company to correctly back out the applicable Commissions on returned products, it is critical that the original sales order number from the invoice be retained. This number must be provided to the Company at the time the request for a refund is made. The actual form of the refund (i.e., Company credit, card chargeback, etc.) will be based upon the original form of payment.

Any subsequent orders placed after the initial order are only eligible for a 90% refund on the cost of the unopened, unaltered, resalable, and restockable products that are returned within twelve months of the order date.

B. To obtain a refund for returned products or Sales Aids, a Distributor must comply with these procedures:

  1. Obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from the Company prior to returning the products or Sales Aids to the Company. An RMA may be obtained either by telephone or in writing and the actual return shipment must include the RMA number;
  2. When obtaining the RMA, the Company will provide the Distributor with the correct procedures and location for returning the products or Sales Aids. All return shipping costs must be paid for by the Distributor;.
  3. Products or Sales Aids sent to the Company without prior authorization will not qualify for a refund and will be returned to the Distributor at the Distributor’s expense;
  4. This refund procedure may vary in jurisdictions where different repurchase requirements are imposed by law. Applicable laws where the original purchase or return occurs may dictate the terms of the refund policy; and
  5. Xyngular reserves the right to require a Distributor to repay Commissions paid to the Distributor on products returned by the Distributor’s Sales Organization. This may be achieved either through contact with the Distributor to arrange for direct repayment or by withholding amounts from present or future Commission payments. This policy encompasses all refunds allowed under the Company’s Refund Policy. Extension of the refund policy as required by applicable law, or instances in which Distributor misconduct, misrepresentation, or other extenuating circumstances necessitates a Distributor refund in excess of the stated refund policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Xyngular reserves the right to require a Distributor to repay Commissions paid to the Distributor when the return of products purchased by the Distributor reduces the Distributor’s Personal Sales so that the minimum Personal Sales requirement for receiving Commissions is not satisfied for the Commission Period when the Commissions were paid to the Distributor.

What is eWallet and How Does it Work?

When you CLICK “My Xyngular eWallet”, your back office automatically assigns you a Xyngular e-Wallet into which your commissions are paid DAILY. You can personalize your e-Wallet to transfer funds into your bank account, make a payment to your Visa or MasterCard credit card, order a prepaid Visa card on which you can deposit funds, send funds to another e-Wallet on the system, pay for Xyngular products direct from your e-Wallet or set up a variety of other functions listed below.

Xyngular eWallet Features

  • Receive commissions daily into the Xyngular eWallet
  • Transfer commissions to your bank account
  • Transfer funds to any Visa or MasterCard Credit Card
  • Transfer funds to another distributor’s Xyngular eWallet
  • Order a Pre Paid card direct from the eWallet and transfer funds to it
  • Wire funds from eWallet to ANY bank account
  • Pay for Auto Ships and product orders from funds / commissions in your eWallet
  • Add funds to your eWallet from your bank account or credit card
  • Send money to one of thousands of cash pickup locations around the world
  • Receive commission payments in any country
  • Pay Bills direct from the eWallet through our US bill pay network
  • Get notified that you’ve been paid via email or SMS
  • Access your Xyngular eWallet securely from Mobile Phone or Online

What this means to you

  • Faster commission payments
  • Receive commissions DAILY into your Xyngular eWallet
  • No need to wait for checks to arrive
  • Receive your money faster than by check
  • Spend commissions back with Xyngular for products and services
  • Commissions paid in every country
  • You are in control of how you receive your money

Please note that Xyngular is a separate company from eWallet. If you have eWallet questions, you must contact them directly, as Xyngular cannot provide eWallet help. Contact eWallet here.