Bananas, The Benefits For Your Diet?

Bananas, The Benefits For Your Diet?

Bananas are good, this one fruit can be used as a full menu of delicious snacks and sweet. Anyone would like if offered to eat bananas, because bananas are rich in nutrients beneficial to our body, other than that the price is cheap and can be found easily from the traditional markets to the modern super market.

If there is an argument that says that banana diet can help you will you believe it or not? Bananas could actually help make your weight down, but your body remains healthy and all the nutrients fulfilled. Unique isn’t it? Eventhough you become slimmer, you do not feel the ill effects of a diet you do. This is thanks to the variety of banana power that has pectin so you can feel full in a longer time.

In addition, bananas are also rich in minerals, vitamins, and has high fiber. Calories contained in 17.5 grams of bananas only 108 calories. Therefore, bananas are very good to help your diet. What’s more amazing, banana will reduce your tendency to eat foods that taste sweet that blood sugar is controlled. The reason is because bananas can increase the concentration of glucose in the blood. In short, banana is good for weight loss.

Well, if you want to weight gain, bananas can be a good alternative. Make a banana milkshake every day and drink every morning or afternoon. Thanks to manganese in the banana fruit, bones became stronger and digestion becomes better. Eat a banana from 2 to 10 pieces per day, if you want your weight up. Good luck

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